Google: No Search Engine Is Completely Objective

Today?s Google Webmaster Help video gets a little philosophical. Matt Cutts takes on the question: How can Google be confident with their SERPs, when relying on inherently subjective signals that influence which sites display (i.e. using human ?quality raters? to ?
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Square Cash Will Let You Send Money To Your Friends By Email

Screenshot_5_20_13_12_11_PMSquare’s not just for businesses apparently, as an invite-only page for a product called “Square Cash” has popped up. Not many details are known about it, but we’ve reached out to the company for comment. UPDATE: A Square representative sent us the following statement on Square Cash: “We’re excited to share Square Cash with our friends. We’ll continue to invite others to try it out in the coming weeks.” The splash page shows an email to a friend with a $25 payment, with a Square email address in the CC line: This is similar to other personal payment solutions, like Venmo and PayPal. You can sign up for an invite right now, and that’s it. Sending money to friends is a social experience that really hasn’t been cracked yet, and it makes complete sense that a service like Square step up to take the crown. The page promises that you can send money to someone’s debit card: The invites are being controlled by the company, not even allowing you to enter your email address. There’s also a help page set up for the “Cash” product already, but it’s a bit bare, stating: “Square Cash is the easiest way to send money to anyone, using just email and your debit card.” The company just announced a new, pretty cash register for businesses, but the company clearly wants to be in all of our pockets…and bank accounts. While it’s hard to decrypt CEO Jack Dorsey’s tweets and Vines, Square Cash might have been the reason for this recent little celebration: This is developing.
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Movie studios send fraudulent censorship demands over Pirate Bay

You’ll remember last month’s news that Fox had sent fraudulent takedown notices regarding my novel Homeland. This is hardly an isolated incident: the studios routinely exhibit depraved indifference to the inaccuracies in their automated censorship threats to search engines and webhosts. This is especially troubling when the studios’ notices catch media made specifically to criticize […]

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