Bieber May Sue Guests for Tweeting About Party Happenings

If you ever happen to get an invite to one of Justin Bieber?s house parties (you won?t, but you can keep on reading), just make sure you don?t tweet about it or post any photos to Instagram. If you do, ?
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Blip: Chrome sparks up a conversation, Siri gets jealous

Blip: Chrome sparks up a conversation, Siri gets jealous

Chrome users are in for a bit of fun today – the conversational voice search shown off at Google I/O is now live with the Chrome 27 update.

This means Chrome will respond to you when using voice search function. All users need to do is go to, clock the mic icon and grant permission to the new feature. And if your query is too broad, Google’s response will handily come with information cards as well.

It’s not quite at the “Ok, Google” point yet – you’ll still need to click that microphone every time you want to chat to Chrome. But hey, it’s always nice to have a new friend, right?

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“Ok Google, show me some brilliant blips

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