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Bruce Schneier’s got smart things to say about surveillance in the age of the Internet of Things: In the longer term, the Internet of Things means ubiquitous surveillance. If an object “knows” you have purchased it, and communicates via either Wi-Fi or the mobile network, then whoever or whatever it is communicating with will know […]

Hollywood Studios Use DMCA To Censor Pirate Bay Documentary

First time accepted submitter Aaron B Lingwood writes “As reported by TorrentFreak, Viacom, Paramount, Fox and Lionsgate have all asked Google to take down links pointing to the Pirate Bay documentary ‘TPB-AFK.’ The film, created by Simon Klose, is available for no cost and has already been watched by millions of people. The public response to this free release model has been overwhelmingly positive, but it’s now meeting resistance from Hollywood, TPB’s arch rival. Pirate Party Australia opines ‘Hollywood is using takedown notices to censor Pirate Bay doco, is it incompetence or malice? Always hard to tell.’ Whichever the answer, the system is definitely broken.”

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Samsung’s Waterproof Galaxy S4 Active Appears on Video



Want proof that the “rugged” version of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 — dubbed the Galaxy S4 Active — is as durable as promised? The video above from MobileTechReview confirms plans that the phone will be both waterproof and dustproof.

However, the phone’s specifications seem considerably weaker than those of the original Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 Active features a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU and an 8-megapixel rear camera, compared with the S4’s quad-core or Octa-core chipsets (depending on the variant) and 13-megapixel camera. Its other specifications seem to resemble the normal Samsung Galaxy S4. Read more…

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