Report: Google Could Soon Face New FTC Antitrust Probe Into Its Display Ads Business

display_adds_googleBloomberg today reports that Google could face a new U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) antitrust probe into its display advertising business. As Bloomberg’s Brian Womack and Sara Forden note, the FCC is looking into whether Google used its strong position in this market to “illegally curb competition.” The investigators, the report also notes, want to see if Google used its display ads business to “push companies to use more of its other services.”
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Bitcoin’s Success With Investors Alienates Earliest Adopters

holy_calamity writes “Digital currency Bitcoin is gaining acceptance with mainstream venture capitalists, reports Technology Review, but at the price of its famed anonymity and ability to operate without central authority. Technology investors have now ploughed millions of dollars into a handful of Bitcoin-based payments and financial companies that are careful to follow financial regulations and don’t offer anonymity. That’s causing tensions in the community of Bitcoin enthusiasts, some of whom feel their currency’s success has involved abandoning its most important features.”

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