Google Adds New Personalized Photo Search Feature

Google announced that you can now find photos, and connect with friends, places and events from your Google+ photos from Google Search. To do so, go to Google, sign in, and search for ?my photos? or ?my photos from new ?
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Google Starts Using Computer Vision To Let You Search Your Google+ Photos

sunsetsGoogle almost completely revamped the Google+ photo experience last week, but somehow the company didn’t get around to announce one of the coolest photo-related features in its repertoire: Google now uses computer vision and machine learning to let you search your photos for things like sunsets, food and flowers. I also tried terms like “cars,” “beach” and “bikes” and Google consistently returned the right results. This search is build into Google+, but you can also use the regular Google search and use the query term [my photos of xyz] to find the right images.
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Anthony Weiner Is Playing It Safe on Twitter



Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account feels human again — but a very safe human.

Weiner first returned to Twitter last November, but his tweets lacked the, ahem, personality of his former social presence. Following his Tuesday announcement that he’s running for mayor of New York City, his tweets have been slightly less robotic, slightly more personal and definitely hashtag-heavy:

anthonyweiner.comIt’s a website for my campaign for mayor.Take a look#GoingWithUnderstatementToStart

— Anthony Weiner (@anthonyweiner) May 22, 2013

On with @brianlehrer 10am#SorryIMissedPledgeWeek

— Anthony Weiner (@anthonyweiner) May 23, 2013 Read more…

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