Top cheap WordPress hosting for UK businesses

Top cheap WordPress hosting for UK businesses
WordPress turned 10 this year. Primarily created as a blogging platform, it has since been developed into a feature-rich content management system that can be used to power websites of all types. The platform can be downloaded for free from and powers millions of sites across the web.
For many businesses, the beauty of WordPress is in its simplicity. Its benefits are clear, it’s easy to setup and it’s straightforward to manage. Choosing a hosting provider for a WordPress site can be more of a task, however, especially for those without expert knowledge or experience of the market.
Reliability, support and, of course, price are the big three factors when choosing website hosting for a business. Where WordPress is concerned though,
many hosting providers also offer automated installation, so speed and simplicity of setup are also factors to consider.
To help with your decision-making, this article brings together a selection of cheap WordPress hosting options for UK businesses. Some are based here with others abroad and some focus more on affordability whilst others offer premium features. All of them, however, come with strong reputations and well-priced web hosting packages for WordPress.
Zyma (UK)
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