Wikipedia, Google Search, how powerful tools will make kids powerless

From techradar:

Legendary British inventor David Baylis has claimed that the internet, and Google specifically, is making a new generation of children ‘brain-dead.’

The 75-year-old creator of the wind-up radio, says kids of today aren’t learning practical skills and will be unable to make anything with their hands as a result.

Baylis told the Daily Mail that children are becoming too reliant on instant Google searches and expressed a concern for the next generation of inventors in the UK.

He said: “Children have got to be taught hands-on, and not to become mobile phone or computer dependent.

“They are dependent on Google searches,” he added. “A lot of kids will become fairly brain-dead if they become so dependent on the internet, because they will not be able to do things in the old-fashioned way.”


Google+ best practice — Search by Image of suspicious photos

You’re being circled by someone too pretty/handsome to be true?
Use the Search by Image feature of Google or even better, install the Chrome Extension to perform the look-up with a simple contextual click.

Drag and drop the suspicious portrait in the “Search by Image” to locate similar photos on the web which may help you find out who the image does actually represent.

Make an experiment with that “model

Google Propeller

Flipboard is the quintessence of today’s applications: pretty, light, responsive and intuitive.

Photo of Flipboard on an iPad


However, it suffers from the market segmentation. If you have an iPad you are an happy user otherwise you need to find the closest possible alternative if you are in favor of Android’s devices.

Google tentatively tried to buy Flipboard in 2010 but somehow failed. They have Google Reader which is handicapped by its lack of dedicated tablet interface but, on the other, provides the “play” feature which is missing from Flipboard and allows to display articles without manual action.

Now what? Google works on the code-named product Propeller. It will be the new version of Google Reader.