LinkedIn Makes Its Biggest Acquisition Yet: Bright

LinkedIn announced on Thursday that it has agreed to acquire Bright, a data-focused job search service, for $120 million. The deal marks LinkedIn’s largest acquisition yet.
Bright launched in 2010 and used data science to match up job seekers with employers. The service analyzed thousands of data points from resumes and job listings to come up with a Bright Score that indicated how good a match users are for particular jobs.
See also: Resumes Pack a Personal Punch With Sumry “We’re trying to map every skill to every job to every occupation clarification to every job function to every company,” Steve Goodman, CEO of Bright, told Mashable in an interview after its most recent round of funding in September.
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LinkedIn Channels Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

LinkedIn introduced a new tool that’s a twist on the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”
game — but for professionals.
The social network launched “How You’re Connected” on Wednesday, a visual enhancement that explores your path to a contact. “When looking for an introduction to someone you may not know yet, you will now not only see ‘who’ in your network knows them on their Profile, but also ‘how’ they know each other to help you decide the best contact to request an introduction from,” Udi Milo, a product manager at LinkedIn, wrote in a blog post See also: 9 Ways Social Media Marketing Will Change in 2014 Read more…
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Get Visible with Recruiters: 12 LinkedIn Groups for Job Seekers

LinkedIn Groups are the “happy hunting ground” for recruiters. Many recruiters join groups for the specific professions and industries that are relevant for their clients or employers. They also join the groups that cover job hunting in general.
For job seekers, LinkedIn Groups are a two-fer: you get information and you become more visible to recruiters.
The good news is that you can join up to 50 groups, and you can very easily leave a group that isn’t working for you (or after you’ve found a job). This way, you can test different groups to see which ones work best for you. This list will get you started, but don’t stop with these groups. Read more…
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