Twitter Testing Major Redesign That Looks a Lot Like Facebook

Twitter is testing a major redesign that’s very reminiscent of Facebook and Google+.
Mashable assistant features editor Matt Petronzio spotted on Tuesday a huge update to his Twitter profile page, with the main picture and bio scaled to the left and significantly more real estate dedicated to the header photo In addition, under the header photo lives the count for tweets, photos/videos (a new category called out on the profile), following, followers, favorites and view lists. Click the image below to enlarge.
Twitter is quietly testing a new look for the site.
Tweets are also much larger and more photo centric than before. Read more…
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Twitter Usage Depends on Mobile Experience

There’s no doubt that mobile is a huge space for social media. Over the past several years, Internet usage has largely moved from the web to smartphones and tablets, increasing the need for social networks to adapt to mobile.
Twitter and Facebook have catered to users by creating more intuitive user interfaces, both with apps and mobile web. However, according to Nielsen’s new U.S. Digital Consumer Report, 85% of Twitter usage occurs on mobile devices, as opposed to 57% of Facebook usage. This shows that it’s even more important for Twitter to deliver a compelling mobile experience.
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