As Anti-Government Protests Erupt In Istanbul, Facebook And Twitter Appear Suddenly Throttled

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A massive anti-government protest in Istanbul, prompted after days of unrest were sparked by plans to redevelop one of the last remaining central public parks, appears to have lead to a throttling of social media both in the city and across Turkey. TechCrunch has independently verified via a number of sources that both Facebook and Twitter have been almost impossible to access from inside Istanbul, and other parts or Turkey. There are also anecdotal reports of authorities switching off access in a localised manner around Taksim Square where thousands of people are
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Twitter Just Made It Easier To Obsessively Tweak Your Profile

I don’t know anyone who thought the process of editing their Twitter profile was just too complex — talk about first world problems — but they’re surely out there somewhere and working themselves into a tizzy over a recent announcement made by Twitter profile engineer Patrick Ewing. In a triumphant tweet, Ewing made it known that Twitter users can now edit their profiles in-line without having to pop into a separate account settings
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Updating Your Twitter Profile Is Now Much Easier

Twitter has now made it even easier to upload a new profile picture, header image or background image to your profile.
You can edit profile photos by clicking the “Edit Profile” button at the top of your Twitter profile page, which will allow you to click and edit individual parts of your profile –- such as the profile picture, background image and even your personal description.
For profile photos, access the forward-facing camera on your computer and snap a quick profile pic. For header and background images, just drag and drop photos from your computer and make quick, on-the-fly adjustments Read more…
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Obama Wants You to Follow The Audubon Society on Twitter, Sort Of

President Barack Obama has a Follow Friday suggestion for all you Twitter users out there: environmental/bird appreciation group The Audubon Society.
#FF: @audubonsociety — Barack Obama (@BarackObama) May 31, 2013 What’s up with this #FF? It’s a playful response to a recent slideshow from satirical news outlet The Onion, “19 Tweets From The Audubon Society/Barack Obama Twitter Feud” (warning: language).
SEE ALSO: Here’s Why Michelle Obama Has 2 Twitter Accounts OK, the @BarackObama account isn’t really the president anymore. Rather, it’s controlled by Organizing for Action (OFA), a grassroots organization set up to support Obama’s legislative goals. While that sounds like semantics, it’s actually an important distinction for a couple of reasons Read more…
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