French Court Forces Twitter to Reveal Anti-Semitic Users

Twitter must reveal the users behind a series of anti-Semitic posts after a French court decided Thursday not to hear the company’s appeal of an earlier decision.
Several French groups sued Twitter last year, demanding it reveal the identities of users who posted anti-Jewish messages. In January, the Paris High Court ruled in favor of the French groups, deciding the messages violated French laws against hate speech and Holocaust denial. Twitter consequently filed an appeal, which has now been denied.
SEE ALSO: Twitter Ordered to Identify Anti-Semitic Users Twitter told the BBC that it is considering options for further appeal.
Meanwhile, the tweets in question have been blocked in France. Read more…
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Pinterest Launches Localized French Edition

Pinterest introduced a localized version of its website for France on Tuesday,
the first non-English edition of its site.
While the French version does offer language support in search and other text-heavy areas of the site, the French edition’s main aim is to provide a more localized community experience for users in the country, an e-mailed statement from Pinterest suggests. The platform will feature content from French domains and pins with French-language descriptions more prominently in search and on category pages, as well as pins from local users.
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Shirtless Protester Disrupts French Open Final Match

A shirtless, flare-wielding protester wearing a mask jumped from the stands onto the court during Sunday’s final match at the French Open. The match between Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer was delayed for several minutes as the protester was tackled and apprehended. Nadal later went on to defeat Ferrer 6-3, 6-2, 6-3,
claiming his eighth French Open title.
SEE ALSO: YouTuber’s Impersonations of French Open Tennis Stars Are Ace Several other protesters at the event unfurled a banner earlier reading “Hollande Demission,” a call for French President Fran├žois Hollande to resign from office According to the BBC, the protestors were angered over France’s recent decision to legalize gay marriage. Protests and counter-protests have occurred across the country since the decision. The country’s first gay marriage, held last month,
required tight security in the face of potential violence. Read more…
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