A Conspiracy To Commit Journalism: The Justice Dept. vs. Fox News reporter James

Trevor Timm at a Freedom of the Press Foundation writes: “Last night, the Washington Post reported on a little known leak case involving former State Department official Stephen Kim. In an alarming new extreme, the Justice Department and FBI finger argue there’s “probable cause to believe” Fox News reporter James Rosen “has committed or is […]

Movie studios send fraudulent censorship demands over Pirate Bay

You’ll remember last month’s news that Fox had sent fraudulent takedown notices regarding my novel Homeland. This is hardly an isolated incident: the studios routinely exhibit depraved indifference to the inaccuracies in their automated censorship threats to search engines and webhosts. This is especially troubling when the studios’ notices catch media made specifically to criticize […]

Listen to the Dramatic WikiLeaks Documentary Soundtrack



We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks is a new documentary about the genesis of Julian Assange’s website and soldier Bradley Manning‘s controversial document dump, which exposed U.S. security secrets on WikiLeaks.

Today, Mashable is offering an advance stream of the dramatic soundtrack to the film, featuring music by Brooklyn artist collective Fall On Your Sword

The film was directed by Alex Gibney, who won Best Documentary Feature at the Academy Awards in 2007 for Taxi to the Dark Side. The documentary on WikiLeaks premiered at Sundance earlier this year and releases to the public on May 24 Read more…

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Search Warrant Reveals How Feds Got Reporter’s Gmails



The Federal Bureau of Investigation was granted a search warrant in 2010 for a reporter’s Gmail account without his knowledge in relation to a leak investigation, it was revealed Monday. The warrant shows how investigators compel Google and similar companies to provide access to user data.

The Washington Post first broke the news that Fox News reporter James Rosen was under Justice Department investigation for violating the Espionage Act following his June 2009 report that North Korea was planning to respond to United Nations sanctions with increased nuclear tests.

An FBI warrant for Rosen’s Gmail account posted by Politico’s Josh Gerstein reveals investigators were granted the warrant after an investigation of former State Department employee Stephen Jin-Woo Kim suggested Kim was Rosen’s source for the North Korea story. Investigators made that conclusion following an analysis of Kim’s phone records, emails allegedly exchanged with Rosen and two face-to-face interviews with Kim. Read more…

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