Echelon 2013 Will Bring Together Asia-Pacific’s Top Startups In June

Echelon 2013 logoNow in its fourth year, tech conference Echelon will gather 52 of the Asia Pacific’s most promising startups from June 4 to 5 in Singapore. The event will also feature more than 50 speakers and judges, including 500 Startups’ Dave McClure and Sahil Lavingia, who raised $8.1 million for his startup Gumroad when he was just 20 years old, and was an early employee at Pinterest.
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Everything done to WikiLeaks is now being done to US

Data requests without a warrant. Government refusing to notify journalists they?re being spied on. Equating journalists and reporting to spies and espionage. Potential ?conspiracy to commit espionage? charges. “Virtually every move made by the Justice Department against WikiLeaks has now also been deployed on mainstream US journalists,” writes Trevor Timm at Freedom of the Press […]

Cops Bust Woman for Hitting Cyclist After She Brags on Twitter



Here’s a lesson in what not to do online, straight from the Twitter for Dummies handbook.

Our story begins on Sunday in Norwich, England, where an organized cycling event called the Boudicca Sportive ride was taking place. Tensions between cyclists and automobile drivers are well documented the world over, but this Sunday tweet from a local driver using the Twitter handle @EmmaWay20 took things to a new level:


Way probably thought her friends would get a good laugh out of how she put that road-hogging cyclist in his place — but she couldn’t possibly have expected this Twitter response from the Norwich police: Read more…

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MLB Pitcher Quits Twitter After Ugly Messages From Fans



Cleveland Indians pitcher Chris Perez was once among the team’s most open and engaging players online. The closer would respond to fans, and became known for sharing a “song of the day” with followers

But all that is no more. Perez shuttered his Twitter account after incurring the digital wrath of fans who were upset over his recent struggles on the mound. In a somewhat surprising move, the Indians even released a statement on Tuesday afternoon saying that Perez had, in fact, shut down his account

Many Cleveland sports fans piled on Perez after he gave up back-to-back homers to blow a save against the Seattle Mariners on Saturday. Then, on Monday, he gave up another homer in the ninth inning of a tie game Read more…

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