Updated: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date, news and rumours

Updated: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date, news and rumours

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 now out of the way the door has been thrown open for the Korean firm’s other high-end smartphone to get a reboot in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Rumours are circulating about Samsung’s next super-sized handset, suggesting it’s going to get even bigger – even though the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 raised eyebrows with its larger size.

Update: Samsung executive J.K. Shin has confirmed the existence of the Galaxy Note 3, revealing it will feature a non-flexible 5.9-inch OLED display.

We’re constantly on the look out for Galaxy Note 3 news and you’ll be able to find all the latest right here. You lucky things.

Announcement and release date

In terms of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date the trail is pretty cold at the moment with “later this year” all we have to go on for now.

If previous iterations of the handset are anything to go by we can expect Samsung to uncover the third generation Galaxy Note smartphone towards the end of August, in the run up to IFA 2013 in Berlin.

Update: Samsung executive J.K. Shin has said the Note 3 will arrive at IFA in September, although we’re still waiting on an official comment from Samsung itself.

This would mean that the Galaxy Note 3 would probably hit stores around October if previous cycles are maintained – but given the Samsung Galaxy S4 emerged earlier this year, could the same trick be repeated for the Note 3?

More than a pretty penny in price

You can expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to carry a hefty price tag, probably in line with the Galaxy S4 – making it more expensive than its Chinese rivals the ZTE Grand Memo and the Huawei Ascend Mate.

The Note 3 will probably set you back at least

Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales Hit 10 Million in ‘Record’ Time



Galaxy S4 sales have topped 10 million in “record” time, Samsung announced Thursday.

Less than a month after its global release on April 27, Samsung’s flagship smartphone surpassed 10 million units, according to a release.

“The Galaxy S4 sets a new record for Samsung, generating sales quicker than any of its predecessors,” the Korean electronics giant said, adding that it estimates the phone is selling at a rate of four units per second

In comparison, it took 50 days for the Galaxy S3 to reach 10 million. The S2 and S waited five months and seven months, respectively, to achieve the same number. Read more…

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After hack attacks, Twitter decides it’s time for two-step authentication

After hack attacks, Twitter decides it's time for two-step authentication

It took several high profile hacks, but Twitter is finally rolling out two-step authentication to insure a modicum of user security.

The microblogging platform played down account compromises as occasional occurrences in its announcement today, saying that every so often account owners alert it to email phishing schemes or password breaches taking place elsewhere on the web.

After the Associated Press saw a false tweet rock the U.S. stock market, not to mention hits on Burger King, Jeep and The Onion, Twitter is ready to do the two-step security dance.

“When you sign in to twitter.com, there’s a second check to make sure it’s really you,” Twitter’s announcement assured.

One, two step

The feature can be enabled by heading over to account settings and selecting “require a verification code when I sign in.” With a confirmed mobile number and email address, any user can get the two-stop system up and running.

After enrolling in login verification, users will be sent – and need to enter – a 6-digit login code via SMS every time they sign into Twitter. Existing apps will continue to work uninterrupted even after verification is enabled, Twitter said.

To make it all a little more digestible, the Twitter team has laid out it’s new policy in a snappy one-minute video:

YouTube : https://blog.twitter.com/2013/getting-started-login-verification

Samsung Galaxy S4 Shipments Hit 10 Million One Month After Release

galaxy-s4Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has hit 10 million channel sales one month after its release. The company announced its latest milestone today just eight days after confirming that it had shipped over 6 million units of the S4 since its international launch on April 26. According to Samsung, this is the fastest ever sell rate for any of its smartphones.
Source TechCrunch: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Techcrunch/~3/pS8pr2kYsBQ/

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