Bystander Live-Tweets Brutal London Machete Attack



Police shot two assailants Wednesday in a southeastern London neighborhood after they allegedly murdered a person in public with a machete. The victim is believed to be a solider from a nearby barracks, and the British government is treating the event as a terrorist attack.

One bystander apparently live-tweeted the entire horrific event from start to finish. While Mashable hasn’t yet confirmed the following account is legitimate, the timing of the tweets matches up with the timeline of the attack. This Twitter user was also recently located in the neighborhood of the attack, according to geolocation data. Read more…

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Sports Team’s Twitter Takeover Turns Disastrous After Rape Joke



The L.A. Kings handed its Twitter account over to a local morning show host, who ended up having to apologize for his posts Tuesday evening

Kevin Ryder is co-host of L.A. radio station KROQ’s Kevin and Bean show. He took over the Kings’s Twitter page as a promotion during its playoff matchup against the San Jose Sharks. It’s not uncommon for sports brands to have big names tweet from their accounts from time to time, but here the stunt went about as poorly as possible for both parties

As expected of a morning show host who makes his name on testing listeners’ limits, Ryder’s tweets from the Kings account were full of attitude. But this one had Twitter buzzing in all the wrong ways: Read more…

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Blip: Chrome sparks up a conversation, Siri gets jealous

Blip: Chrome sparks up a conversation, Siri gets jealous

Chrome users are in for a bit of fun today – the conversational voice search shown off at Google I/O is now live with the Chrome 27 update.

This means Chrome will respond to you when using voice search function. All users need to do is go to, clock the mic icon and grant permission to the new feature. And if your query is too broad, Google’s response will handily come with information cards as well.

It’s not quite at the “Ok, Google” point yet – you’ll still need to click that microphone every time you want to chat to Chrome. But hey, it’s always nice to have a new friend, right?

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