Cloudera Founder’s Enterprise Data App Management Startup WibiData Raises $15M From Canaan Partners, Eric Schmidt And Others

wibidataWibiData, the enterprise data management startup co-founded by Cloudera founder Christophe Bisciglia and Aaron Kimball, has raised $15 million in a Series B funding led by Canaan Partners with participation from existing investors, including NEA and Google Chairman Eric Schmidt.

Source TechCrunch:
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Spam and the Byzantine Empire: How Bitcoin tech REALLY works

Why does Bitcoin work? Fraudsters should have left it in cinders years ago, and might have done, if it wasn?t for two things: spam and the Byzantine Empire.

A Bitcoin is basically an entry in a ledger that is distributed across a network of computers. Bitcoins are transferred between parties by noting the transaction in the ledger. This might sound just like any other banking system except there?s a crucial difference: no one is in charge of the ledger.