Twitter Launches Twitter Amplify For Real-Time Videos In Stream, Partnering With BBC, Fox, Fuse And Weather Channel

ITweetNYTwitter today made the latest push in its bid to cozy up to Madison Avenue and the world of big-budget advertising, by tapping more into the kind of mainstream mediums where advertisers like to spend their money. In New York, during Internet Week, the company announced Twitter Amplify, a way of bringing real-time video into the site, with initial partners including the broadcasters BBC America, FOX, Fuse and The Weather Channel. It is part of the company’s bigger push that its calling Twitter4Brands, which first kicked off almost year ago exactly, also at an event in the Big Apple.

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French Police End Missing Persons Searches, Suggest Using Facebook

itwbennett writes “According to an announcement on a French government website, police have stopped current searches for missing adults and will not accept new search requests. ‘Such ‘searches in the interests of the family’ were conducted under an administrative procedure almost a century old, introduced to help families separated during the upheavals of World War I to find missing relatives,’ according to the French Ministry of the Interior. In a letter to police chiefs announcing the changes, the Ministry advised them to instead ‘direct people towards social networks on the Internet, which offer interesting possibilities.'”

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Microsoft Turns Siri Against Apple in New Ad



The Microsoft-Apple rivalry is heating up again

In a new 30-second ad for Windows 8, Microsoft manages to skewer the iPad, Siri and Apple’s promotional strategy

The ad shows the iPad and a Windows 8 tablet side-by-side with Siri repeatedly apologizing for not being able to do what Microsoft’s tablet can. “I’m sorry, I can only do one thing at a time,” Siri says, before adding, “I guess PowerPoint isn’t one of those things. Should we just play ‘Chopsticks?'” Sure enough, the person in the video starts playing a flawed version of the song “Chopsticks,” poking fun at Apple’s iPad Mini commercials which focused on users playing piano. Read more…

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Twitter Launches Two-Step Authentication and Other News You Need to Know



Welcome to this morning’s edition of “First To Know,” a series in which we keep you in the know on what’s happening in the digital world.

Today, we’re looking at three ways that tech giants are expanding their reach. Google’s Chrome browser added conversational search. In its single biggest market expansion in the tablet space, Amazon increased the availability of Kindle Fire. And Twitter finally announced two-factor authentication to help keep accounts secure.

Check out the video above for more on these stories.

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