Gmail Overhaul Might Be On the Way [source]



Despite rolling out a major overhaul a little over a year ago, Google could be preparing to redesign the Gmail experience on iOS, Android and the desktop.

Reports of a new look for the Android client came from the eagle-eyes at Android Police — who noticed the new addition of a navigation drawer UI element in a Google I/O session on Android design patterns.

That change mimics the design of Gmail for iOS and of Sparrow — the Gmail-centric mail client that Google acquired last year.

While an update or overhaul of Gmail for Android makes sense — and might even be expected — The Next Web is reporting that a larger visual overhaul is also headed for the desktop and iOS. Read more…

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Gmail For Android Could Soon Get A Navigation Drawer

gmail-logo-iconThe folks over on Android Police must have spent some of their time rewatching I/O videos. While they were doing that, they spotted a potential leak during the “Structure in Android App Design” session. In it, it seems, Google quietly leaked screenshots of what looks to be a revamped interface for the Gmail app.
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Is Strongbox the New Wikileaks?



The New Yorker‘s new Strongbox feature claims to be an online safebox for whistleblowers to submit documents safely and anonymously. The system, based on open source DeadDrop software developed by the late Aaron Swartz, has invited comparisons to Wikileaks

Can Strongbox really deliver on its promises? Can it be as successful and secure as Wikileaks’ system was?

“I think Wikileaks is the gold standard for reasons that most other leaking systems hardly understand,” said Jacob Appelbaum, a famous hacker who has been working with Julian Assange for years.

Wikileaks’ submission system has been offline since late 2010, when the mysterious hacker who developed it — known as “The Architect” — left Wikileaks and took the system with him, as explained in Andy Greenberg’s This Machine Kills Secrets. Read more…

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