BlackBerry Q5 release date and price: who’s on board?

BlackBerry Q5 release date and price: who's on board?

The BlackBerry Q5 is here, and about time too as the Canadian firm launches its first “affordable” (the final price remains to be seen) BlackBerry 10 device.

Unveiled at the annual BlackBerry Live conference in Orlando the BlackBerry Q5 was almost completely leaked under the moniker BlackBery R10, so its design and specs come as no surprise.

There’s a cheap plastic chassis, QWERTY-keyboard, 3.1-inch 720p display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, 2MP front camera and 5MP rear facing snapper.

If those specs have whet your appetite then take a look below, as we’ve been around the town to find out who will be selling the BlackBerry Q5.


The first UK outfit to confirm it would be ranging the BlackBerry Q5 was Phones4U, storming out the gate a matter of minutes after Thorsten Heins announced the handset on stage in Orlando.

It hasn’t revealed which networks it will be offering the Q5 on, nor whether you’ll be able to pick it up SIM free, with a registration page all you have to go on for now.

Carphone Warehouse

Not wanting to be left behind Britain’s other major high-street phone retailer has also confirmed it will stock the BlackBerry Q5, and you can pre-register your interest on its website.

In terms of a release date Carphone says it expects the Q5 to arrive in June – although that date is subject to change.


Bad news for anyone who’s on O2, as the bubbly network has confirmed to TechRadar that it won’t be stocking the BlackBerry Q5.

EE, Three and Vodafone

The other UK carriers are all staying quiet on the BlackBerry Q5 for now, telling TechRadar they were unable to comment on the handset at this time.

Rest assured we’re chasing them all, along with the likes of Tesco Mobile and TalkTalk, to bring you all the deals and availability.

Online retailers

The usually keen online retailers have been a little slower out of the blocks when it comes the BlackBerry Q5, with Expansys the only one of our usual haunts listing the QWERTY-keyboard toting handset on its site.

There’s no clues to the BlackBerry Q5 price or release date though, as the only option you have is to pre-order blind.

We’re keeping tabs on the likes of Unlocked-Mobiles and Clove and we’ll bring you news from them as soon as we get it.

Siri Competitor Maluuba Brings Sports Results And TV Schedules To Its Android And Windows Phone Apps

maluuba_headerMaluuba, the Waterloo, Canada-based Siri competitor and TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2012 Battlefield finalist, today announced that it has added two new features to its voice-powered personal assistant app for Android and Windows Phone: sports and TV schedules. With this, Maluuba users in the U.S. and Canada can now ask it for near real-time sports results and query the service for TV listings in their area by name, genre or channel. One aspect of the service the Maluuba team has always been proud of is the fact that it has managed to add additional domains to the service quickly. The service started out with 18 domains, including restaurants, movies and general knowledge queries, but the team has continued to expand the range of topics it can handle since then. It has also rapidly expanded internationally since its launch and launched its Windows Phone 8 app earlier this year, too. With the new sports integration – and thanks to Maluuba’s expertise in natural language processing – users can ask Maluuba questions like “When is the next Blackhawks game?” or ‘How many wins do the New York Yankees have?” and get answers almost immediately. To get this data, the company has partnered with Sports Direct. For TV shows, Maluuba now understands questions like “When’s The Big Bang Theory playing next?” or “What’s on Channel 5?” “These features are a testament to our vision. Users want exact results, not just blue links that are merely related,” Mohamed Musbah, Maluuba’s product manager, said in a canned statement today. ”When you first use Sports or TV search on Maluuba, you’ll realize how easy and fast search can be.” With its recently announced “conversational search” feature, Google is also adding more voice and NLP-powered search tools to its feature set. Maluuba, right now, still seems to be ahead of Google in many areas, The company tells me that it believes Google’s entry into this market validates Maluuba’s model and the team doesn’t seem to be afraid of Google for now.
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WordPress Sees User Bump After Yahoo-Tumblr Announcement



WordPress CEO Matt Mullenweg claims the platform saw an unusually high number of imported posts from Tumblr Sunday night, perhaps an early indication that some are looking to flee in light of the pending Yahoo acquisition

Mullenweg (pictured) wrote on his blog that WordPress received 72,000 imports during one hour on Sunday, versus the usual 400 to 600 posts. He added that WordPress is friendly with Tumblr, and the two use each other’s services

“News like this, whether from a friend or a competitor, is always bittersweet: I’m curious to see what the creative folks behind Tumblr do with their new resources, both personal and corporate, but I’m more interested to know what they would have done over the next 5-10 years as an independent company,” he wrote. Read more…

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