Moto X Pure Edition and Moto G hands-on: The pure Android phones you’ve been waiting for

Google’s Nexus program is great. It sets the stage for Android and gives hardcore Android fans a selection of great pure devices that are free of vendor tweaks and carrier bloat. If pure Android is what you’re looking for, however, there’s a new smartphone duo that just rocketed to the top of your list. Motorola on Tuesday unveiled the brand new Moto X Pure Edition and Moto G, and we just spent some time with both new smartphones. DON’T MISS: 5 Gmail hacks you shouldn’t have to live another day without Beginning with the flagship model, the Moto X Pure Edition is the U.S. version of the “Moto X Style.” Neither name really rolls off of the tongue, but that obviously

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OnePlus 2 doesn’t have NFC because you don’t use it

OnePlus 2 doesn't have NFC because you don't use it

OnePlus has just revealed the OnePlus 2 – its next high-end yet cheap handset – but there’s one feature we’ve all noticed is missing.

During the announcement there was no news on the OnePlus 2 including NFC connectivity and OnePlus has now confirmed to TechRadar it won’t feature on the phone.

A spokesperson for OnePlus said: “While NFC acceptance is growing, it is not as widespread as originally thought. We built the best device focusing on what users really need and use.

“We heard from a lot of users of the OnePlus One and saw most of our users weren’t using NFC.”

All your fault

OnePlus is trying to make a high-end handset on the cheap so there’s no surprise it’s been finding things to drop – but discarding NFC is a strange move.

As contactless payments and uses for near field communication grow you’d think it’d become a more essential part of the phone and the sensors don’t particularly cost much either.

It does mean that when Android Pay does finally launch you won’t be able to use it on your OnePlus 2.

Microsoft has quietly released its own Android launcher

Microsoft has quietly released its own Android launcherMicrosoft’s relatively new strategy of pushing more apps onto more platforms continues apace with the quiet release of Arrow Launcher Beta: a basic but functional launcher for Android devices. As the name suggests, Arrow Launcher Beta is unfinished, and has been pushed onto the mobile scene with little fanfare, attracting beta-testers via a private Google+ group. The launcher itself is pretty straightforward, with a pair of lists on the home screen displaying your most recent and most frequently used apps.