A Robot That Can Walk and Jump On Water.

Taco Cowboy writes: Researchers from Seoul University and Harvard have constructed tiny robots that can walk across the surface of standing water, and even jump into the air. The robots were designed to imitate the way pond-skimmer insects take advantage of surface tension to maneuver on top of still bodies of water. After studying the insects, the researchers found their legs started with a small amount of movement before gradually accelerating downward into a jump. The insects also sweep their legs inward during the jump to maximize the amount of time they stay in contact with the surface (abstract). “Using these principles, the researchers developed an ultra light robot made out of nickel titanium with a 2 centimeter long body inspired by origami. Its 5 centimeter long wire legs are curved at the tips like a real water strider’s and coated with a material that repels water.” Pictures of the robots are available here and here, as well as this animated gif.

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Google has secretly released a new version of Glass.

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Google has secretly released a new version of Glass
Economic Times
As expected, the next incarnation of Google’s wearable computer, Glass, will be aimed at businesses, and prototypes have been secretly delivered to software developers, the Wall Street Journal’s Alistair Barr reports. The hope is to have for sale to
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