Google has secretly released a new version of Glass.

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Google has secretly released a new version of Glass
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As expected, the next incarnation of Google’s wearable computer, Glass, will be aimed at businesses, and prototypes have been secretly delivered to software developers, the Wall Street Journal’s Alistair Barr reports. The hope is to have for sale to
Finally, Google Gets Glass. We Hope.Forbes
Google Glass Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Running With A New CrowdNewsy
Google is silently advancing their Glass Product Exclusively for BusinessesSentinel Republic
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Ping Pong death robot will teach you to serve



When we envision the robot apocalypse, it doesn’t usually begin with an innocent game of table tennis, but a new video reveals that we might want to consider such a scenario

The Japan-based company Omron (a properly ominous sounding name) posted the video to show off how its automation technology can help humanity

Omron’s video starts off well enough, showing a wide range friendly-looking frail humans playing ping-pong

omron robot


But when the camera reveals the giant, instectoid robot hulking over the table returning human serves it looks like ping-pong is the last thing this death machine would be engaged in if it had its way Read more…

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ARIN IPv4 Addresses Run Out Tomorrow

jcomeau_ictx provided that teaser of a headline, but writes: Not really. But the countdown at should go to zero sometime tomorrow around noon, considering it’s at 45,107 as I write this, it’s counting down about one address every two seconds, and there are 86,400 seconds per day. Just happened to notice it today. Might be worth a little celebration at every NOC and IT enterprise tomorrow.

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