Cortana Can Now Replace Google Now On Android Devices.

The Verge reports that Microsoft’s Cortana can now be used (at least for beta testers) as a drop-in replacement for the Google Now assistant on Android devices; that means users can select launching Cortana as their default on-board assistant, and launch it by holding down the device’s home key. However, notes the article, “The update version still doesn’t include “Hey Cortana” support, largely because of hardware limitations that prevent Cortana from always listening for the command. “

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Electronic skin sensors to control mobile gadgets

A skin-worn sensor that turns the human body into a touch sensitive surface for controlling mobile devices has been developed by scientists in Germany. iSkin is made from biocompatible silicone rubber with pressure-sensitive sensors that are stuck to the skin of the users, allowing them to use their own body to control mobile devices.